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By | August 5, 2023
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August News

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============= Aug 4 ===================

Updated – POS Solutions from Panasonic Connect – you name it they got it. Thanks Amy for update!

Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solutions – Toughbooks, Stingray, ClearConnect Family

ADA – Web Accessibility & Mobile Accessibility — NPRM released for comment. Not sure how to audit mobile apps, yet.

The Dangers of OTS Computers in self-service (& Why a true kiosk is better)

The Dangers of OTS Computers (& Why a true kiosk is better)

Digital signage show announces their lineup of speakers. Moment Factory, Disney, Meow Wolf

Digital Signage Show Keynote Speakers Announced

Expanding Linux Kiosk options by Elo. 22″ I-Slate. Includes optional POE adapter to get rid of the brick. Debian is the distribution (smart choice).

AI Restaurant Avatar – August Update – News, Rumors, Resources and Regulatory

Generative AI & Restaurant Avatars

Event — Out of Home Advertising Drives Customer Retention and Acquisition for Restaurants – Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 | 2:00 pm ET 60 minutes

Payment Terminals — unattended self-service solutions either sport a nice Ingenico iUC285 or Lane, or the kiosk manufacturer is forced to use an underpowered ultra cheap from “the other vendor”. Pax makes good stuff too don’t get me wrong. UCP has the biggest selection and best support

We take a quick look at state of restaurant ADA. Eight questions you need to answer (in front of the legal department)

AI Assist is actually driving some real revenue in customer interactions. This article goes thru some of those areas where AI “should likely prove” to be valuable. Personally I am desperately hoping conversational AI will finally improve customer service, but I will believe it when I see it.

Kiosk showroom for Olea Kiosks is now open in Cerritos.

Kiosk Design Examples – Show Room in California and Olea

UPDATE – PMS Systems for Hotel Backgrounder — updated with Ariane-supported PMS systems (over 30). Thanks Laurent!


Thin client news this week – Exchange malware control centers, Mint 21.2 is killing Windows 11, security solution for WordPress openly logs passwords in public plaintext file. How do people do stuff like that? Chinese get keys to the MS kingdom. Didn’t we just ask that question?

Thin Client News Friday July 21

New thin client option from LG is 27″ AIO basically and running Chrome OS Flex. Really nice looking.

Thin Client All-In-One by LG – ChromeOS Flex

Thin Client RFP Chromebooks — this one is for 1000+

Thin Client RFP – Chromebook

Video update addition — we added production floor video of hypermodular kiosk “in action”. Renderings never do justice and many times are not truly available. Here is unit in a standard kiosk mode is great ability.

HYPERMODULAR™ Kiosk Custom Kiosk Process from Olea

Analyst view of NCR current situation + Toast removing fee recently added

IBM and Samsung in court — Voice Assistants & AR — involves user request using “semantic web services” through the provision of their respective voice assistant platforms

Wayfinding Video with 22Miles talking BrightSign (aka purple box). These are two partners with best of best solutions for wayfinding (especially 3D)

Wayfinding 3D – 22Miles BrightSign Video

=================== July 13th ==================
Korean Kiosk Association & Kiosk Accessibility Council Formed

Korean Kiosk Association & Kiosk Accessibility Council Formed

New Lowes SCO + Dunkin Donuts menu board CMS snafu – this months “In The Wild” aka deployed. Compare to Amazon & NCR unit for SCO. Or Home Depot for that matter.

Lowes SCO + Dunkin Donuts Needs to drink more coffee – In The Wild

One of the impediments to fast and economical self-service kiosk configurations is when they cross the line between standard and custom. Being able to provide a virtually custom kiosk in a standard kiosk mode is great ability.

HYPERMODULAR™ Kiosk Custom Kiosk Process from Olea

Payment Kiosk News – Ingenico iUC285 Still Available but Self 3000 Moving In

Ingenico iUC285 Still Available but Self 3000 Moving In

Update on Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solutions — all of the current ones plus we dug a little bit and got some extra stuff from Panasonic. I wondered about ghost kitchens but they have that too.

Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solutions – Toughbooks, Stingray, ClearConnect Family

RSPA in Orlando July 30th – August 1st – Visit Elo in booth #301 — Elo will be showcasing several new POS touchscreen products and

Hotel Check-In Systems – A primer on PMS systems for hotels (eg Opera aka Oracle but really a very nice browser to me…)

Hotel Check-In Systems

DynaTouch update – software & solutions and now in bill pay for utilities (thanks to Harris)

DynaTouch – Kiosk Software and Solutions

Touch screen sale Elo + new 2770 touchscreen released — discounts on many of their touch screens and POS (not the 27″)

Touch Screen Sale + New Elo 2770L Touchscreen

Techview entry for definition of kiosks. What they are, what they are not, and others that really are. Usually it comes down to whether a kiosk manufacturer is involved (e.g. Bitcoin ATMs are made by kiosk manufacturers)

AVIXA – Generative AI: Coming soon to a wayfinding kiosk near you

AVIXA — Biometric Kiosk Authentication – A Talk With Frank Olea

Biometric Kiosk Authentication – A Talk With Frank Olea – also includes design tips for passport and fingerprint scanners

Biometric Kiosk Authentication – A Talk With Frank Olea

Generative AI or Conversational AI at InfoComm – feature includes NVIDIA & video of wayfinding at InfoComm with conversational AI — Interview with Tomer Mann. 22Miles won best of show award as well (LG and Samsung won multiples)

Generative AI – Coming soon to kiosks

Ban on NOT taking cash revived in Congress. Rare to see the underserved (and poor)be extended protections by Congress. Six million households no bank account or credit card. Bill includes no-fee option for converting cash to credit.

Biometrics BIPA – $425K PetSmart BIPA Deal Receives Illinois Judge’s Initial OK — workers say they were required to use a voice-tracking headset without first providing informed consent.

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex could be subject to accessibility requirements under a proposal from FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

EV Charging digital signage networks – LG announces partnership with Broadsign on new dual 55 solution (4000 NITs)

EV Charging Digital Signage with Broadsign Announced by LG

Spin on restaurant business – buy tickets online – Casa Bonita with its Peptol Bismol coloring and cliff divers.

Casa Bonita’s reopening date is finally here

Cooler Screens sues Walgreens for $200M

Anatomy of the RFP – This is Smart City project for Dallas (to be awarded in July). Lots of supporting docs and stipulations albeit the ADA ones are pretty fuzzy. This is revenue model with advertising and the restrictions on that content are interesting too.

Smart City Kiosks Project Dallas – Example RFP