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By | February 25, 2022
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Just Walk Out Amazon Technology

Just Walk Out technology is the latest “game-changer” when it comes to customer checkout. Here is our just walk out checkout primer page/


From retailsystems

Check out Free Technology – Grabango and MAPCO – interesting how customers in East wearing hats and coats required AI adjustment.

Another POI is that these are going into C-Stores (with modern delis and fresh food/veggies). This could siphon off restaurant. Along with gas, cigarettes and soda all they are missing is EV charging and is there anyone who thinks that isn’t coming…

In Brief

  • 340 Convenience Stores
  • Grabango has five markets and is trying to be the undisputed leader
  • California Based
  • One adjustment is that in the East people wear hat and jacket and then remove them. Required tweaking the AI


Five years after launching its first proof-of-concept, the checkout-free technology startup Grabango is rolling out into its fifth metro region, the company said Tuesday.

Its latest partnership is with MAPCO, the convenience store chain with nearly 340 stores throughout the Southeastern region. For now, MAPCO plans to implement checkout-free services in two Tennessee stores by this fall. The rollout will mark the first time Nashville shoppers get access to checkout-free tech — a shopping innovation largely associated with Amazon’s cashierless stores.