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Touchscreen Check-in Kiosks

Healthcare Touchscreen Check-in Kiosks A research paper by California Healthcare Foundation. Check-in kiosks are interactive computer stations designed for self-service tasks, such as patient check-in and collection of co-payments. Kiosks can be freestanding (like those at the airport), wall-mounted (like bank ATMs), placed on a countertop, or they can be mobile (like a tablet PC). Interest in self-service kiosks is growing rapidly as… Read More »

ADA Kiosk Check-In Update

ADA Kiosk – Check-in Kiosks Welcome to ADA Kiosk. Regulatory agencies have a profound effect on the business of self-service. The kiosk industry group monitors ADA and the development & implementation of regulatory bodies and, where possible, we participate in the regulatory process by educating and informing agencies regarding our members & businesses. A primary source of ADA… Read More »