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Check Out Kiosks and Just Walk Out

From Automated Retail Just Walk Out Check Out – Whole Foods Offers Amazon’s cashierless technology Just Walk Out Check Out News From supermarketnews Feb 2022 In Brief Another opening of Just Walk Out Checkout at Amazon Wholefoods, this time in DC “Just Walk out” turning into key phrase in tech circles Excerpt From Supermarket News Glover Park location is first… Read More »

Autonomous Check-in Check-Out Grocery Stores

Just Walk In then Just Walk Out Feb 2 Supermarket News Nice writeup on Nourish + Bloom.  Tagline is Frictionless retailer gets under way with high-tech grocery concept In Brief robotic delivery for autonomous grocery store — click for image Store is 1500 sq feet offers “walk in, walk out” functionality Related is Delhaize article from December 2021 over 1,500 SKUs,… Read More »

Check Out – Age Detection Via Facial Analysis (and a Camera) – Aldi & C-Stores in UK

A couple of developments in Age Verify using Facial Analysis and specifically Yoti platform. All in the UK.  NCR involved. From Prolific North Feb 3, 2022 UK Home Office Approves trial of age verification for sale of alcohol in shops. In Brief Will run alongside human checks, the tech will be used to help retailers stop selling alcohol to anyone… Read More »