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Welcome to ADA Kiosk. Regulatory agencies have a profound effect on the business of self-service. The kiosk industry group monitors ADA and the development & implementation of regulatory bodies and, where possible, we participate in the regulatory process by educating and informing agencies regarding our members & businesses.

A primary source of ADA devices for accessibility is Storm Interface. They also make rugged keyboards and other input devices.

Consulting member firms to help guide you thru the often complex laws include Assistra Technology which provides EZ-Access solution consulting.

ADA Kiosk Links

  • ADA.Gov lists all the resources in one place in the Accessible Technology section of the website.
  • Revised 508 Standards – went into effect January 18, 2018
  • ict-rule-2018 effective 2018
  • EN 301 549 V1.1.2 European Standards — Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe
  • Software — iCommunicator software is NLP that converts speech to text and also speech to sign language.

Measuring the Disabled

ADA Kiosk disability statistics

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YVR Check-In Kiosk

YVR Check In Kiosk


      • Interview with YVR Innovative on BorderXpress -Selfservice Industry Group ( was fortunate to get some time with Christopher Gilliland who is the manager of Innovative Travel Solutions at Vancouver Airport Authority.
        Christopher Gilliland
        Christopher Gilliland

        YVR has been the leading automated passport kiosk deployer for many years. For that matter airport terminals  have been the domain of Canada for many many years. Why that is, is a mystery but it is a fact. Some of the early original airline check-in kiosks were designed and implemented by Wilf Medweth of IBM Kiosk Toronto Markham (and there is SITA…). We personally worked on the Northwest Airlines check-in kiosk (built by NWA) which we tested originally in the food commissary of  Ford Motor in Detroit.

        Airlines terminals and ATMs and Photo Kiosks (Kodak) were the Big Three to kick off Self-Service and the american consumer.  Link to entire interview.

It’s not all about airline check-in systems. Web and self-service kiosk check-in are pervasive with mobile quickly catching up. We work with the world’s leading airlines to leverage their self-service investment by extending the functionality of each channel beyond the airline check-in systems.

Nice video of Clear in action

ROI notes

Calculated benefits include:

    • 49% savings in floor space requirements, directly translating to increased airport capacity to accommodate passenger growth
    • 87% improvement in passenger check-in throughput
    • 50% improvement in transaction times (< two minutes, as opposed to four at the counter)
    • Reduced IT demands for subscribing airlines with turnkey solution
    • 58% savings in equipment costs for participating airlines, eliminating redundant kiosk investments