Self-Checkout Grocery – You Are Going to Use that Machine

Self-Checkout Grocery – You’re Going To Use That Self-Checkout Machine Whether You Like It Or Not We may not realize it, but retailers are conditioning us to be our own cashiers. By Dave Jamieson from Huffington Post 5/24/2018  Story Link Excerpt: Self-checkout appears to be growing in retail. How much of it is really driven by consumers, rather… Read More »

Global Check-In Kiosks Market 2018 – Olea Kiosks, Kiosk Innova, Embross

Global Check-In Kiosks Market 2018 – Olea Kiosks, Kiosk Innova, Embross Global Check-In Kiosks Market Global Check-In Kiosks Market report 2018 provides readers with a detailed insight of Check-In Kiosks industry inclusive of subjective aspects which will help subscribers in various important strategic decision making. Global Check-In Kiosks Market report ensures to provide an overall analytical study report by… Read More »

Touchscreen Check-in Kiosks

Healthcare Touchscreen Check-in Kiosks A research paper by California Healthcare Foundation. Check-in kiosks are interactive computer stations designed for self-service tasks, such as patient check-in and collection of co-payments. Kiosks can be freestanding (like those at the airport), wall-mounted (like bank ATMs), placed on a countertop, or they can be mobile (like a tablet PC). Interest in self-service kiosks is growing rapidly as… Read More »

ADA Kiosk Check-In Update

ADA Kiosk – Check-in Kiosks Welcome to ADA Kiosk. Regulatory agencies have a profound effect on the business of self-service. The kiosk industry group monitors ADA and the development & implementation of regulatory bodies and, where possible, we participate in the regulatory process by educating and informing agencies regarding our members & businesses. A primary source of ADA… Read More »

YVR Check-In Kiosk

YVR Check In Kiosk   Interview with YVR Innovative on BorderXpress -Selfservice Industry Group ( was fortunate to get some time with Christopher Gilliland who is the manager of Innovative Travel Solutions at Vancouver Airport Authority. Christopher Gilliland YVR has been the leading automated passport kiosk deployer for many years. For that matter airport terminals  have been the domain… Read More »